February 12, 2002

practicalOS: A practical distribution of Open Source products for Windows

Author: JT Smith

Anonymous Reader writes, "practicalOS: bringing the benefits of the open source movement to the situation of the Windows user. I finally have finished my latest project, a distribution of Open source products for Windows users. (Release 1). Now it's time for feedback. Basiclly I was able to take the most common open source tools with Win32 ports that I use on my Windows machine when my Linux isn't available and compile them into a software distribution, hopefully making it easier for Windows users to take advantage of the great tools. The Gimp, VIM, Apache, Tomcat, Bochs, CYGWIN, and a few others are on this release. As I struggle through license agreements to see what to provide next I'm hoping for feedback from the Open Source Community...the goal: provide a stable and ever growing distribution of open source software for the Windows platform...the method: low overhead, CD distribution...the dream: promote the benefits of Open Source in a PRACTICAL manner to the Windows world. So what did I miss, what should I have included, I hope to have a new release soon...but need the help to build this product to what it should be."
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