April 1, 2002

Prentice Hall PTR publishes the premiere guide to Linux administration

Prentice Hall PTR today announced the
publication of Linux Administration Handbook, written by world-renowned UNIX
experts Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder and Trent R. Hein. The LINUX
Administration Handbook provides the breadth and depth of material necessary
to effectively use Linux in real-world business environments. Using the
practical approach of their best-selling UNIX System Administration Handbook
(Prentice Hall PTR, 1988, 1995, 2001), the authors address administration
challenges in the three most popular and representative distributions of the
Linux community: Red Hat 7.2, SuSE 7.3 and Debian 3.0.

"Linux systems are just as functional, secure, and reliable as their
proprietary counterparts," wrote Linus Torvalds in the foreword. Torvalds,
the creator of Linux, continued, "Thanks to the ongoing efforts of its
thousands of developers, Linux is more ready than ever for deployment at the
frontlines of the real world. The authors of this book know that terrain
well, and I am happy to leave you in their most capable hands."

Written for both the novice administrator and as a trustworthy reference for
the seasoned professional, Linux Administration Handbook features war
stories and hard-won insights, examining how Linux systems behave in
real-world environments. The authors cover difficult tasks in all their
complexity including DNS configuration, networking, sendmail configuration,
security management, kernel building, performance analysis and routing.

The authors divide the book into three large sections: Basic Administration,
Networking and Bunch o' Stuff. Basic Administration provides a broad
overview of Linux from a system administrator's perspective while the
Networking section describes the protocols used on Linux systems and the
techniques used to set up, extend and maintain networks. Finally, Bunch o'
Stuff includes a variety of supplemental information including advice on
topics ranging from hardware maintenance to the politics of running a Linux
installation. Each chapter is followed by a set of practice exercises
ranging from brief easy exercises to project-sized exercises.

About the authors...

Evi Nemeth

Since retiring from the computer science facility at the University of
Colorado, where she spent close to twenty years, Evi Nemeth continues to
spend time at the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis
(CAIDA), at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. She remains actively
involved with the USENIX Association as a course instructor.

Nemeth has spent the better part of her professional career involved in a
number of professional activities, including the Internet Engineering Task
Force and teaching tutorials for the Usenix Association, Uniforum, SANS,
FedUnix, AUUG (Australia), NLUUG, (Netherlands), NUUG (Norway), Europen
(Europe), and other UNIX related organizations.

Widely recognized as an expert in the UNIX/Linux world, Nemeth has been
published in dozens of publications and has won a wide range of awards,
including the USENIX/LISA Lifetime Achievement Award and a "Top 25 Women on
the Web" award.

Currently, Nemeth is exploring the Caribbean on her 40-foot sailboat named

Garth Snyder

Garth Snyder has worked at NeXT and Sun Microsystems and holds a degree in
electrical engineering from Swarthmore College. He is currently an MD/MBA
candidate at the University of Rochester.

Trent R. Hein

Trent R. Hein is Applied Trust Engineering's co-founder, president and CEO.
Hein was named as a "Major Contributor" on the Lifetime Achievement Award
which was presented to UC Berkeley's Computer Systems Research Group by the
USENIX Association. He was also one of three engineers hired at Berkeley
Software Design, Inc., developers of the much-acclaimed BSD/OS Internet
server operating system.

Hein is a frequent speaker at technical conferences and has authored
numerous white papers and articles for leading technology publications.
Hein holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado.

Linux Administration Handbook by Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder and Trent R. Hein.
(Prentice Hall PTR 2002. 890 pp. ISBN: 0-13-008466-2. $49.99 US.)


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