October 17, 2000

Presenters wanted for the O'Reilly peer-to-peer conference

Author: JT Smith

O'Reilly & Associates has posted a Call for Participation soliciting
entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and technical internet strategists
interested in leading tutorial and conference sessions at the O'Reilly
Peer-to-Peer Conference.The conference is February 14-16, 2001, in San Francisco, California.

Because the peer-to-peer (P2P) space is still relatively unformed,
we're casting the net very widely. Any innovative application that
harnesses the power of distributed computers, users or devices, and the
technical or business issues raised by such applications, are
appropriate subjects for this conference.

There will be both a technical and a business/legal track.
Presentations in the technical track should be of interest to
developers and administrators of internet applications and
infrastructure. Presentations in the business track should be of
interest to entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and technical
strategists for internet companies.

The submission deadline for all proposals is November 20, 2000.
Presenters will be notified of selection results by December 18, 2000.

See http://conferences.oreilly.com/p2p/call.html for complete
information about our submission and acceptance process.

About O'Reilly & Associates

O'Reilly & Associates is a technology information company. In addition
to its famous technical books with the animals on the covers, the
company produces technology web sites, technical conferences, and
Internet software. From their pioneering bestseller "The Whole Internet
User's Guide & Catalog" (designated one of 100 Books of the 20th
Century by the New York Public Library) to GNN (the first Internet
portal and commercial website) to the P2P Summit (the first national
gathering of peer-to-peer leaders), O'Reilly has been at the forefront
of Internet development. See http://www.oreilly.com for more
information about O'Reilly's products.

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