October 27, 2005

Press Release - LinuxDemos.com launches on-line vi

Lee Redfern writes "LinuxDemos.com launches on-line videos of Linux and Open Source Software.

Leeds, United Kingdom (LinuxDemos) 27th October 2005 - Users of Microsoft and commercial software can now see what Linux and Open Source Software really can offer as LinuxDemos.com launches its new on-line video site. Displaying the features and menus of the latest releases viewable easily through their web browser, users can see how a piece of software looks and performs without the hassle of purchasing, downloading or installing.

As Linux and Open Source Software gain a growing foothold in the desktop market, users of commercial software find that the vulnerability and expense of use can be greatly reduced by switching to Open Source Software. However, the unknown element of this growing sector can create barriers – this is where LinuxDemos.com comes in. Offering free to view video demonstrations of the latest offerings such as Suse Linux 10 and OpenOffice 2.0 to show the user how simple and effective this software can be.

Site owner, Lee Redfern says “Many people have grown tired of viruses, spyware and the expense of Microsoft software. Linux and Open Source products can offer a solution to all of these problems. The view of Linux being an operating system for enthusiasts and experts has now diminished as the recent focus has been on usability and keeping things simple. OpenOffice 2.0 is a tremendous piece of software that can now read and write across most Microsoft Office file formats.”

New users can browse the latest releases on-line, full site access can be obtained by opening a free members account.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for a sample, copy or demo), contact Lee Redfern or visit www.linuxdemos.com .

About LinuxDemos.com:

LinuxDemos.com is a sister site of on-line Linux vendor, www.thelinuxshop.co.uk . Both sites based in the United Kingdom actively promote the use of Linux and Open Source Software.


Lee Redfern, Site Manager

Microsoft and Microsoft Office are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds."

Link: linuxdemos.com

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