May 30, 2007

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

James Pyles writes "Who should read this book? Well, you'd better know at least basic HTML and CSS. Adobe Photoshop knowledge
would be a big plus, too. Hmmm...I'd throw in Flash experience. just for giggles. Ok, ok...let's cover
what this book won't teach you. It won't teach you how to make a basic webpage with HTML
and CSS. Shocked? So was I a little, until I realized what Jason Beaird's book is really all about.
What it isn't about is teaching you HTML and CSS. Lots and lots of books teach that. Don't pick up
this text until you've already created at least one site that works. So what is this book good for anyway? It's
good for making more than just a website that "works".

A friend of mine who created a Linux tutorial site once said to me "I'm not an artist". In other
words, he can create a functional and informative website using tools such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and so on, but
he can't make it "beautiful". Heck, it's not even very pretty. I'm not being mean. Many web
developers are very adept at the technical side of their craft but in their minds, usability and
functionality will always work better for them than the art of creating art."


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