May 2, 2002

Prochange emerging as Open Source alternative to MS Exchange

The aim of the Prochange open-source project is to create a serious platform-independent alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server. Prochange has been designed to scale so that it can meet the requirements of companies of virtually any size. Security has been taken into account right from the start: spam and messages containing viruses are filtered in the server, and secure connections are used whenever possible. The language of the project is Java, except for an Outlook plug-in, which will be written in C++.
Microsoft Exchange Server has rapidly gained ground in a large number of companies. It is a versatile messaging and collaboration solution which works as a mail server and makes it possible to share calendars, book a meeting room, et cetera. Exchange can also function as a customer register. Both Exchange Server and its client Microsoft Outlook work on the Windows platform only.

Microsoft Outlook is a part of the Microsoft Office product family, enjoying corporate acceptance. Ximian Evolution is an excellent alternative to Outlook for Linux. However, Outlook and Evolution users need a server program to be able to collaborate.

Companies can currently choose OpenOffice and Evolution for their office needs. Unfortunately, lack of an open-source messaging and collaboration server often forces them to the Windows platform. There are no platform-independent solutions that could scale to more than 50 users as of yet.

The Prochange project is in need of talented Java and C++ developers to do research & development. The project consists of four individual parts: a main program, the Outlook plug-in, a virus and spam filter, and a WWW interface. Each subproject needs a few programmers. Companies and non-profit organizations are also encouraged to join!

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