January 16, 2007

Professional virtualization as Open Source

Guest writes "Professional, flexible, open -- InnoTek VirtualBox generally available as Open Source

InnoTek today made VirtualBox generally available -- a new contender in the premier league of x86 full virtualization software, and the only one that is also Open Source. Marking an important milestone in the history of PC virtualization, VirtualBox is designed for server, desktop and embedded use – in enterprises and for home use.

After years of development as a special-purpose solution, VirtualBox is now generally available to companies of any size as well as home users and developers who have so far been unable to find a professional, yet flexible and open virtualizer. Visit www.innotek.de/virtualbox for detailed information about scenarios for enterprise use and support of InnoTek VirtualBox.

In addition, on InnoTek's brand-new community website www.virtualbox.org, VirtualBox is now available in two versions: You can download the full binary releases free of charge for personal and educational use as well as evaluation. In addition, InnoTek has unleashed the VirtualBox Open Source Edition (OSE), containing nearly all of the source code of VirtualBox. Everyone is invited to test the product, check out the source code, join the community and contribute to further development of the product.

InnoTek is a privately held and internally funded software company located near Stuttgart, Southern Germany. Since its creation in 1992, a team of international software specialists focuses entirely on the development of high-tech system software. InnoTek has developed outstanding expertise in low-level system software development for 32-bit and 64-bit Intel and AMD platforms. Having been involved in the development of PC virtualization technology from the very beginning, InnoTek staffs Europe's largest and most experienced team of PC virtualization software experts. Visit www.innotek.de for details.

Media contact:
InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH
Achim Hasenmueller
phone: +49 (0) 7151 60405-0
email: virtualbox@innotek.de"

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