October 15, 2002

Progeny launches Platform Services

Jolene writes: Progeny, the Linux Platform Company, today announced the launch of Platform Services, a unique subscription service that can significantly lower development cost, decrease time to market, and improve the quality of value-added Linux-powered products and services.

"Platform Services is an ideal solution for companies that build Linux-powered products or services such as server appliances, managed services, or specialized client devices," said Ian Murdock, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Progeny. "We manage the underlying platform and integrate our customers? technology. This allows our customers to focus on the value-added functionality that differentiates their offerings in the marketplace."

The open nature of Linux is a key element of its success as a platform, according to Murdock. Because Linux is open source, the underlying source code is available for developers to study, modify, and redistribute without requiring royalties to a copyright holder. Product cost is reduced, a significant advantage for low-margin products in emerging Linux-powered markets. Furthermore, the developer is not locked into a single vendor for ongoing bug fixes, enhancements, or support.

Until now, however, developing a Linux-based product or service required selecting, customizing, and maintaining the underlying Linux platform. This traditional approach incurs a very high cost both in dollars and in lost focus on core competencies. Progeny?s Platform Services provides a cost-effective, superior alternative by supplying a robust, secure, proven Linux platform and associated integration services.

"Working with Progeny, HP is offering an exceptional environment for developers creating Linux applications," said Steve Geary, Research and Development Manager, HP Linux Systems Division. "With the help of Platform Services, HP?s Linux Programmer?s Toolkit provides a ?one-stop shop? where registered users can download approximately 200 packages for developing applications in Debian and Red Hat environments."


Progeny is the leading independent provider of Linux platform technology. With nearly a decade of experience building Linux solutions, Progeny?s Linux experts pioneered a number of the technologies and best practices that shape the Linux landscape today. Progeny was founded by Debian Linux creator Ian Murdock.

For more information about Progeny, visit http://www.progeny.com.

Progeny is a trademark of Progeny Linux Systems, Inc.
Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S.A. and other countries.


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