Progeny Linux ceases operation


Author: JT Smith

Progeny, a Linux-based company founded by Debian originator Ian Murdock, shut its doors on April 30. Progeny’s Web site now carries nothing but a notice saying the company is no longer in operation.So far, the only media notice of the closure has been a brief mention at, which quoted an email sent to a Progeny email list that said, “We are sad to inform you that Progeny Linux Systems is ceasing operations. This mailing list that we are hosting will be closed and decommissioned later tonight, Eastern Daylight Time. If you want the list archives, please download them now. Thank you.”

Ian Murdock had apparently already left the company. In March, on his personal blog, he talked about going to work for Sun Microsystems.

In 2005 former Progeny employee Bruce Byfield, now a contract writer for, wrote a NewsForge article about how Progeny had reinvented itself after the dot-com crash. At the time Byfield’s article was published, Progeny’s future looked bright. is now attempting to contact (former) Progeny employees, and hopes to have more information for you within the next few days.