September 10, 2003

Programming contest for syntax lovers!

Stuart writes "PHP Editors have just announced the details of their latest contest 'Wacky Syntax' and this one is very interesting to say the least.

Syntax is a big thing in programming (obviously); people have their own little ways of coding (if the language allows it). In this contest you are going to invent your own syntax (you read it correctly). For example instead of having 'if ($myvar == 1) { $that = "one"; }' you could write '&[^myvar 1]ã^that one'. Yes that is crazy, wacky, call it what you like. The thing about this contest is you do not have to stick to conventions or logic for that matter. This is a fun thing and allows any style wacky or not so wacky.

To get the full details on this visit: Contest Page"


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