May 17, 2007

Programming Flex 2

James Pyles writes "I've been doing a fair amount of documenting on Flash related technologies and have considered
dabbling in ActionScript (if you know JavaScript, you have at least a leg up on learning ActionScript) so
I thought it was time to stretch into the arena of Flex 2. I found the concept of Flex to be a bit
confusing at first. After all, if Flex builds Flash applications and Flash CS3 Professional builds
Flash applications, why use one over the other? Since ActionScript is the scripting language
underneath both development platforms, what's the difference? Naive questions I know, but they're
answered in Programming Flex 2.

I'll spare you the detailed comparisions. After all, they're in Kazoun and Lott's book and I don't
need to rewrite it for them (nor could I). In brief though, Flex 2 is a framework that allows the
software developer to build rich web applications that run on Flash. In essence, Flex 2 is a
repository for libraries of ActionScript objects that are the foundation of this platform.
According to the authors, if you have a background in .NET, Visual Basic, or Java, Flex 2 will
be very familiar to you."


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