June 27, 2005

Project ZNF: PHP5 Struts-like framework

Alessandro 'Aronnax' Rossini writes "The goal of this project is to provide an open source framework for building PHP5 enterprise web applications. It's based on the Apache Struts project of the Apache Software Foundation, available at http://struts.apache.org.
This is not the first attempt to rewrite the Struts implementation, or part of it, in PHP, but after spending a lot of time studying existing open source frameworks, like Phrame, PHPMVC, Struts4PHP, Seagull and Vida, 2 PHP developers choose to reimplement a brand new framework from scratch for many reasons. First of all, all the mentioned frameworks, except Vida, are written in PHP4 and the development team believes that its object engine (Zend Engine 1) is too limited for developing enterprise level web application. At the same time the code analyzed is written without a rigorous approach (coding standards, compliance to W3C standards, output of notice/warnings, lack of documentation/examples). Last but not least frameworks claiming to be a porting of Struts have made no code optimization during the porting from J2EE to PHP.
ZNF is free software released under GNU/LGPL license, the official ZNF home page is at http://znf.zeronotice.com. You will find the main package, a PEAR compatible package and the developer's guide.
The project has been developed by Alessandro 'Aronnax' Rossini and Graziano 'FreeJay' Liberati, they are searching for comments, feedback, bug signaling and best of all new developers. Any kind of contribution will be appreciated, if you find the project interesting join the team!"

Link: znf.zeronotice.com

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