Provider of Interactive Teaching Solutions Joins Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation announced today that mimio has become the newest member of the Foundation.

mimio, a leading provider of interactive teaching solutions, recognizes the increasing importance of Linux within educational communities worldwide, as well as the benefits of deploying Linux as a means of lowering per-student IT costs. As one of the first interactive teaching technologies to support the Linux operating system, mimio supports both Linux device driver and cross-platform capabilities, making it the only interactive teaching solution available in Linux.

“The Linux Foundation is a driving force behind the development of global open platform solutions. We are proud to partner with them to provide more solutions to meet the needs of the education community,” said Manny Perez, director of engineering.

As the newest member of the Linux Foundation, mimio will use popular tools such as the “App Checker” to ease code development as it makes Linux applications more portable than ever before.

mimio is one of the most portable and affordable interactive teaching solutions available today and continues to expand its solutions to assist and connect teachers. mimio will continue that expansion with its launch of a Linux version of mimio Studio 6 software for interactive whiteboards and a teacher community portal next month. By working with the Linux Foundation and its members, the mimio community website will be an even greater asset to teachers who can collaborate and trade ideas and interactive lesson plans for their classrooms.

“Community collaboration is the heartbeat of Linux, and it is encouraging to see teachers around the world using mimio and Linux to advance education,” said Amanda McPherson, vice president of marketing and developer programs at the Linux Foundation. “We welcome mimio to the Linux Foundation and look forward to working with them to support Linux in the classroom.”

As a member of the Linux Foundation, mimio will also be invited to take part in popular Linux Foundation events, such as the upcoming LinuxCon to be held September 21 – 23 in Portland, Oregon.