July 26, 2001

PS2 Linux Kit heading for the US?

Author: JT Smith

The Register: "'Delivery outside of Japan is not available.' Not a terribly warm welcome for prospective clients. Given the tone of the
pitch in fact, one would assume that the company has zero plans to
migrate the Linux Kit to the USA or anywhere else for that matter.
However, lurking toward the bottom of that page is an eerie blue link that
reads, "Please click here to register your interest in a US release of Linux
for PlayStation 2".

If you click the link, you are presented with a form, which demands your
email address, your interest in the system and any brief additional
comments you may have. It all looks like a bit of an amateur effort, not a
patch on our beloved SCEEs wonderful PS2 registration form, which
asks for your first born in the small print."

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