October 21, 2001

Psionic Portsentry 1.1, the defender of the ports

Author: JT Smith

From LinuxFocus: "Psionic portsentry is part of the Abacus Project suite of tools (beside portsentry, the suite offers logcheck and hostsentry). It's an IDS (Intrusion Detection System) dedicated to portscan detection and active defense. It works on many Unix flavors including Mac OS X. The main feature of an IDS is to inform the sysadmin about intrusion attempts. Portsentry goes further since it can react on an attack. The latest version (1.1) of this great tool is available from http://www.psionic.com, and by the way, version 1.0 is now part of some main Linux distributions (Debian, RedHat...)."


  • Linux
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