October 8, 2002

Puget Sound Technology announces NetBSD updates

"Puget Sound Technology, a provider of open source training and technical
support services, announced that it is delivering its Binary Updates
for the NetBSD/i386 1.6 release. The Puget Sound Technology Binary
Updates service is a software management solution for providing
ready-to-use software upgrades for critical security issues."

Similar to BSD/OS mods, a Binary Update backs up current files and logs
the update. The fixes are for the base system -- not for the
third-party packages. By using the Binary Updates,
administrators do not need to find patches, retrieve source code or
compile to build new software for the specific fixes.

Puget Sound Technology provided Binary Updates for NetBSD 1.5.2 and
continues to provide updates for NetBSD 1.5.3 and 1.6. Recent updates
include fixes for the libkvm close-on-exec issue, Sendmail smrsh bypass
vulnerabilities, and Rogue game overflow.

For more information and to subscribe to the Binary Updates service,
http://www.pugetsoundtechnology.com/services/netbs d/updates/.

About Puget Sound Technology

Puget Sound Technology provides a broad range of training
and administration solutions that enable customers to learn about and
take advantage of Linux, BSD, and open source software. Headquartered in
Washington state, the company is located on the internet at http://www.pugetsoundtechnology.com/.


Link: PugetSoundTechnology.com

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