December 14, 2001

Puget Sound Technology announces server maintenance

Author: JT Smith

Puget Sound Technology, a provider of open source
and Unix training and administration services, recently announced its
Daily Maintenance Service, an outsourced management solution for
open source Unix servers. This continuous maintenance service allows
customers to focus on their strengths without worrying about keeping
their servers up-to-date.

"This past month, we've seen several exploits -- most could have
been stopped if the systems were properly updated," said Heather
Reed, Puget Sound Technology's Director of Services Marketing.
"Usually, the servers were not maintained, due to a lack of time
or knowledge."

The Daily Maintenance Service provides remote monitoring, security
audits, logfile analysis, software updates and other important
administration tasks. In addition, if the software vendor delays
important security fixes, Puget Sound Technology may provide their
own interim patches.

Puget Sound Technology recommends these maintenance and security tips:

  • Use the latest stable release for your operating system and software.

  • Uninstall or disable software and services that you do not use.

  • Follow the security announcements and security discussion forums for
    your operating system and software.

  • Continuously update your software for important fixes or other
    critical problems.

  • Use periodic tools to detect security weaknesses, check file
    integrity, and to do ongoing system maintenance.

  • Monitor and analyze your logs and traffic for preventive maintenance.

  • Backup all important data for rebuilding the system from scratch --
    and test.

Pricing and Availability

The Daily Maintenance Service is available for systems running
a recent stable release of an open source GNU/Linux or BSD operating
system, such as Debian Linux 2.2 or NetBSD 1.5.2. The pricing starts at
$265 (U.S.) per month. For more information about the Daily Maintenance
Service, go to .

About Puget Sound Technology

Puget Sound Technology is an IT technical support, consulting,
training, and outsourcing company that specializes in BSD, Linux,
free software and open source solutions. Located in the north
Seattle, Wash. area, Puget Sound Technology provides professional
planning and designing, implementation, operations, training, and
maintenance services for computer systems and networks. For more
information, please visit

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