April 11, 2003

Puget Sound Technology offering netfilter/iptables workshop in Everett, Wash.

HRR writes "Puget Sound Technology is offering a Linux Netfilter/iptables
workshop on Wednesday evening, April 30 in Everett, Wash. This
training will cover the basics of Linux networking, and configuring
netfilter and iptables for packet filtering and address translation.

Netfilter is the Linux firewalling system for Linux kernels 2.4
and newer. It provides stateful packet inspection for connection
tracking, separation of NAT and packet filtering, rate-limiting,
filtering on MAC addresses, filtering on TCP flags, altering IP
headers, and more. Iptables is the command-line tool for the netfilter

"The Linux 2.4 Netfilter code rivals the flexibility and functionality
of commercially produced routers and filters, quickly making Linux the
natural solution for everything from the advanced home user to an
Enterprise Network," said Gary B. Genett, independent consultant
and workshop instructor.

The three-hour workshop covers Linux kernel configurations for
netfilter/iptables; understanding chains, tables, states, and targets;
network address translation (NAT) and masquerading; and implementing
common firewall rules. The training will also include the basics
of Linux networking and comparisons with ipchains.

This introductory course is one of a series of ongoing open source
seminars provided by Puget Sound Technology. Upcoming workshops
include: Installing Linux; Configuring and Troubleshooting Domain
Name (DNS) Services; and Exploring the KDE Graphical Environment.
Puget Sound Technology also teaches hands-on, multi-day classes
covering *BSD system administration, Apache webserver, and Unix

Seating is limited. To register or for more information,
http://www.pugetsoundtechnology.com/training/works hops/.

About Puget Sound Technology

Specializing in Linux and BSD, Puget Sound Technology offers a wide
range of services and solutions that enable network service providers
and IT departments to take full advantage of open source software.
Headquartered in Washington state, the company is located on the
internet at www.pugetsoundtechnology.com."

Link: PugetSoundTechnology.com

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