August 13, 2003

Puget Sound Technology teaching *BSD Administration Class in Seattle, Washington

Puget Sound Technology is teaching a class covering the fundamentals
of *BSD system administration, Sept. 16 - 19, in Seattle, Washington.
The class curriculum includes DNS, web and mail services, and standard
administration skills applicable to several Unix-type operating

"The training will cover the important principles that apply
to all the BSDs, such as starting and stopping system services,
system logging, BSD file system hierarchy, user and group management,
basics of networking, installing third-party software, customizing the
kernel, and a lot more," said Jeremy C. Reed of Puget Sound Technology.

The main skills will be taught on OpenBSD with additional hands-on
instruction with NetBSD and FreeBSD. OpenBSD develops the widely-used
OpenSSH; and in July, OpenBSD received The SANS Institute's 2003
Information Security Leadership Award for effective security testing
of an operating system.

"Learning the differences between standard administration tasks
helps the student understand the fundamental steps which will become
extremely useful in system and network troubleshooting," Reed said.
"It is also a great opportunity to try another operating system."

The hands-on training will also cover setting up DNS caching and
authoritative DNS servers, Apache web server basics, introduction
to Postfix and SMTP for mail services, and basic packet filtering.

To register for the class and for more information, visit

About Puget Sound Technology

Puget Sound Technology, a provider of outsourced administration
and tech support services, offers both introductory and advanced
training courses on a variety of topics such as Mail Server
Administration using Exim, Apache Web Server Administration,
Beginning Unix Security, Setting up X11, Introduction to Linux
firewalls with netfilter/iptables, and many others in Washington
state and other locations. Puget Sound Technology's training
classes offer practical hands-on experience, real-world examples,
interactive learning, and small class sizes with personal attention.
For more information or to sign up for their training events
announcements mailing list, visit

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