November 21, 2003

Puppy Linux version 0.7.8 released

Author: Barry Kauler

Barry Kauler writes "Puppy is a very very tiny and very fast 100% non-commercial Linux distribution
with a complete suite of GUI applications and tools.

19 Nov. 2003: Puppy live-CD version 0.7.8 available. The ISO is now 41M,
and has the "kitchen sink" in it, including Mozilla web browser and
Scribus desktop publishing. Release notes:

              1. To run Puppy, just burn the cd-puppy.iso to CD and boot up your PC
                    from the CD. That's it, Puppy will run and if all is well you will
                    be in a graphical environment with sound, etc., all automatically
              2. Your PC must have a minimum of 128M RAM. Maybe Puppy will work in a
                    bit less, such as 96M (hint: reduce shared video RAM to a minimum,
                    in BIOS setup, say 4M). The CPU must be a 686 Pentium II class
                    minimum (I have tried a Cyrix 6x86, that works).
              3. This version of Puppy runs in a 48M ramdisk. Yes, Mozilla, Scribus,
                    everything, the entire filesystem, is in the ramdisk, so no
                    application has to ever be loaded off the hard drive. This means
                    speed, speed, speed! (also, you can remove the CD after booting
              4. New apps since version 0.7.6 are Xchat, pptp, Gadsl, diff, Gtkdiff,
                    Light, and SMM.


Barry Kauler"


  • Linux
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