January 8, 2004

Putting Linux reliability to the test

This article documents the test results and analysis of the Linux kernel and other core OS components, including everything from libraries and device drivers to file systems and networking, all under some fairly adverse conditions, and over lengthy durations. The IBM Linux Technology Center has just finished this comprehensive testing over a period of more than three months.The findings discussed in this article are based on a solution that was created and tested under laboratory conditions. These findings may not be realized in all environments, and implementation in such environments may require additional steps, configurations, and performance analysis.

However, as most Linux kernel testing efforts have only been conducted over short periods of time, this series of tests provides us first-hand data and results of longer runs. The series of tests also provides data for heavy-stress workloads on Linux kernel components, as well as TCP, NFS, and other test components. The tests demonstrate that the Linux system is reliable and stable over long durations and can provide a robust, enterprise-level environment.


  • Linux
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