June 25, 2002

Py 01.02 Ships

Bryan Richard writes:
Py Parlour Press (www.PyZine.com) is proud, well perhaps relieved is a better word, to announce the second issue of Py (Summer Edition 01.02) is now available.

"It seems the periodical elves accepted our offering and have allowed the second issue to pass along the emerald path to the United States Post Office," Bryan J Richard, Editor was quoted as saying.

The second issue builds on the ambitious, if slight unstable, foundation laid last April in issue 01.01. Behold, the Table of Contents:

  • Config Files Made Easy by Sean Reifschneider
  • POOPy: Intro to Using Objects by Lindstrom Greg
  • Jython & zxJDBC by Brian Zimmer
  • Array Broadcasting with Numeric by Eric Jones
  • Part 2 of Extending Python with C by Alex Martelli

The price still stands at $3.00 US and $5.00 The Rest of the World. Subscriptions are also available.

"I can think of no better Summer reading save for Balzac." Richard said.

About Py.
Py is a print technical zine for Python developers. A lack of competition does not keep us from being the best -- quite the opposite, in fact. http://www.PyZine.com

About Py Parlour Press.
From the fringes of the publishing industry comes Py Parlour Press. Concerned only with producing the finest publications money can buy, this is outlaw tech at its finest.

P3 is run by the editorial despot, Bryan J Richard, an enormous personality in the publishing industry who is bent on the ownership of Hearst Castle and has perhaps watched Citizen Kane one too many times.

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