April 23, 2002

Py, a magazine about Python

Bryan Richard writes: "
El Segundo, CA - 2002 April 23 - Py Parlour Press (www.PyZine.com) announced today that subscriptions for Py, an independent print zine for Python developers, were now available.

"The idea of being shackled to this zine for the next year of my life apparently appeals to some deep masochistic subconscious yearning I am unaware of in my waking hours" said Bryan Richard, editor and publisher.

The cost for a Domestic subscription is US$10.00 and US$15.00 for all orders outside the United States. A single subscription is for four (4) issues of Py.

"Subscriptions were by far the most frequent request received, right after a media type that didn't disintegrate when exposed to sunlight."

Pythonistas can subscribe online at www.PyZine.com.

In other news, PyZine.com just went through a massive facelift, making it an almost usable website. A couple of new features were added (the Py-O-Meter which carries a running total of zines sold) and the FAQ was given a serious throttling.

About Py
It's a print zine. About Python. Get hip to that.

About Py Parlour Press (the multinational media conglomerate)
Py Parlour Press is a guy named Bryan Richard and the saints that
contribute articles (who spare you, the reader, from Bryan's writing). Bryan is a book nerd, drives a beat blue Volvo, and listens to way too much Songs:Ohia, which contains way too many E minor chords. With the addition of subscriptions Bryan should be ensconced in Hearst Castle before the year is out.


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