Python 101: History and concepts


Author: JT Smith

Joshua Marshall writes, “ has a new article. Python 101 (part 1): Snake Eyes delves into Python’s history, basic syntax, and concepts. Here’s a sample: Perhaps it’s just my imagination, but Python programmers seem to command a great deal more respect than their Perl or PHP counterparts. In the consciously-elitist world of software engineering, a developer with a few years of Python under his belt gets the best cubicle, the prettiest girl and the respect of his neighbours; people move out of the way when he strides down the hall, and colleagues turn to him for creative and elegant solutions to the problems they encounter. Walk into a job interview and mention Python when reciting your qualifications; you’ll immediately see a glint of recognition in the interviewer’s eyes, an awareness that, in the hierarchy of software developers, you’re one of the top guns.”