February 14, 2005

Q&A with Craig Newmark

Author: John Koenig

The days are gone when Craigslist was simply a hobby of founder Craig Newmark's. Craiglist records 1.7 million page views per day and nearly 7 million unique visitors per month. To Newmark, an ex-IBM engineer,
Craig Newmark

operating the online bulletin board is still enjoyable, and his mission to be a community service remains solid. The astonishing word-of-mouth adoption of Craigslist tells a striking story of success, even as measured by Newmark's unique standards.

Craigslist is a business, but it is no typical business. Granted, all the markings are in place: corporate structure, shares, shareholders, revenue, employees, payroll and expenses. But no MBA student would likely come up with a business plan like Craigslist.


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