Q&A with Mark Hinkle, the New Executive Director for the Node.js Foundation


These days, Node.js is under the hood of everything from the web, the Internet of Things and desktop applications to microservice architectures. Node’s 15 million-plus downloads per month, and more than a billion package downloads per week, render it the world’s biggest open source platform.

The Node.js Foundation was started in 2016, under the aegis of the Linux Foundation, to support Node’s ongoing growth and evolution. The foundation represents an open governance of the Node ecosystem, with a steadily growing roster of members from every cohort, from Fortune 500 companies to sole proprietor freelancers.

Just last week the foundation’s board of directors officially named Mark Hinkle as executive director of the organization. Or, as Hinkle described it, “I’ve taken the mask of the Dread Pirate Roberts …

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