March 31, 2008

Q&A: Zend co-founder weighs in on PHP and Microsoft

Andi Gutmans talks about the new PHP framework, Yahoo and open Web standards.
As an undergraduate at Technion ITT in Israel, Andi Gutmans worked on a "shopping cart" project for extra credit with another student, Zeev Suraski. That sparked an interest in the Web and discovery of PHP SI, PHP's predecessor. The two students liked PHP SI, but they had just finished a compiler course and thought they could do better. Zeev and Andi rewrote the PHP core and started their own company.
Today, Zend Technologies (the name is a compilation of Zeev and Andi) leads the PHP community. Using a hybrid business model, the company sponsors the open source Zend Framework, a Web app framework based on PHP 5, and supports a certified PHP distribution called Zend Core. We recently spoke with Chief Technology Officer Andi Gutmans about the updated framework released this month, open source and Zend's partnership with Microsoft.



  • Windows & Microsoft
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