November 26, 2001

qadmin-tmda / control SPAM with qmail and tmda

Author: JT Smith

Harry Zink writes: "For those of you who want an easy utility to help you install and administer the anti-SPAM utility TMDA, we've just finished testing qadmin-tmda from my buddy Sam. You can find it and tutorials, mailing lists, and FAQs at: Find out more about tmda at: The download section also includes the qinstall scripts, the TMDA installation RPM, and the actual qadmin-tmda installation and admin utility. Once installed, it integrates seamlessly with qmailadmin and vpopmail accounts, and makes administration and configuration of TMDA protected accounts extremely easy. The ease of configuration, and ability to control TMDA protection parameters per account will provide maximum control to admins and users. Currently, the installation target is RedHat 7.2, and qmail but it should work on any tmda installation with minor changes. Hopefully, this will encourage more qmail installations to run TMDA, and thus help combat more SPAM by shielding users from unwanted and unsolicited junkmail."
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