February 22, 2001

QLI Tech to acquire Tuxtops' laptop operations

Author: JT Smith

QLITech, a leading midwestern Linux systems vendor
based in Moline,
Ill., has acquired the Linux Laptop line from
California based Tuxtops,
Inc.Under the terms of the agreement, QLITech will
provide the former
Tuxtops line of Linux Laptops, and will carry the
units as the
Chinstrap, a mid range laptop, the King, a
lightweight laptop, and the
Emperor, the premium laptop. QLITech will also
provide support for
previous Tuxtops laptop customers. More information
on the laptop line
can be found at

As with all QLITech systems, QLITech's Laptop line
will be available
with the customers choice of Linux distribution pre
installed, as well
as Sun Microsystems' Star Office 5.2, and a standard
one year parts and
labor warranty with optional extended warranties

"We are very pleased to add Linux-Compatible Laptop
Systems to our
product lineup" says QLITech founder Ray Sanders.
"Tuxtops has been very
well known for their quality, and customer support.
We feel that our
commitment to quality, and to the customer will
allow us to add Linux
laptops to our unique product line, and live up to
the Linux Community's
expectations, as well as our customers expectations"
adds Sanders."
Tuxtops has forged a valuable trust with the Linux
community and with
our customers. We've worked hard to provide
unprecedented quality and
service and have built what we think is a top-notch
reputation. QLITech
has proven to us that they're the right company to
carry forward that
trust." says Graham Hine, founder of Tuxtops, Inc.
"Because of
QLITech's initiative, Linux users will continue to
have access to
Linux-Compatible Laptop Systems with the right
features, at the right
price, from a company that cares about each
customer." adds Hine.

About QLITech.
QLITech, founded in 1998, and based in Moline,
Illinois is one of the
midwest's leaders in Linux systems. Along with their
new line of
Laptops, QLITech also produces the "Advanced
Multimedia Workstation"
gaming system, as well as their recently announced
line of Small Office
/ Home Office Linux System Packages.

About Tuxtops.
Tuxtops, Inc., founded in 1999 and based in
Sunnyvale, CA has
established itself as the leader in Mobile Computing
under Linux. The
company has partnered with QLITech to continue its
award winning line of
laptop computer hardware while it focuses its core
efforts on a
to-be-announced software project.

For more Information Contact:

QLITech Linux Computers
1-877-24-LINUX (Toll Free U.S.A and Canada)


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