November 5, 2002

QLITech Linux Computers is now Qli Linux Computers

Qli Technologies writes: "Qli Technologies has launched a new and easier to use website at: Qli Linux Computer Systems (except laptops) now feature a 3 Year parts and labor warranty, and unlimited e-mail based technical support.

Customers now can find information on the product line, including: Clusters, Laptops, Servers
and the acclaimed Advanced Multimedia Workstations in an easier to use format.

About Qli Technologies: Founded in 1998, Qli is one of the midwest's leaders in Linux Computer Systems.
Qli recently announced the first available AMD Athlon based Linux Laptop,
as well as offering Linux based clustering, workstation, and server solutions.

For more information, contact:

Qli Linux Computers
(1-866-546-8972) "

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