November 18, 2003

Qt GUI Testing Tool Squish Released

Author: Harri Porten

Harri Porten writes "

Hamburg, Germany - 2003-11-18 froglogic is proud to
announce the availability of Squish 1.0. froglogic
is a professional cross platform automated GUI testing
framework for applications written using Trolltech®'s Qt® GUI toolkit.

Squish enables automated testing of existing Qt
applications without any modifications to the application under test
(AUT). Test scripts are written in the full-featured scripting
language Tcl giving test engineers great flexibility. Functions and
properties of the AUT and Qt can be controlled and introspected at a
high level in addition to low level events. Support for other popular
scripting languages will follow in future releases. To ease creation
of tests, scripts can be recorded and later edited manually. The
recording mechanism replaces common event sequences (like clicking on
a button or choosing a menu item) with high level function calls to
produce more robust and maintainable scripts.

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