September 14, 2005

QTSaver micro content aggregator

Zeev Barkan writes "Please take a look at my new micro content aggregator, QTSaver,

It is experimental software before Beta.

Here's what Allen Searls, Wondir Community VP, wrote about QTSaver on his Blog

September 07, 2005

QTSaver: Microcontent Engine

Zeev on his new Microcontent Engine

I got to try it out the other day and found it very different and very cool. Hopefully he'll have some of the real-time engine APIs as options available soon as well. I had no idea what QT Saver was until Zeev let me take it for a spin. It's really a search engine that delivers large snippets of microcontent and displays them as results, rather than links. Reminiscent of Answerbus and a few of the Blog engines, but he's got a new slant. Worth watching how this develops.

And here is what was written about QTSaver on Search Engines Marketing Blog

QTSaver - how did I miss it?

As a result of my post regarding the Orion new search method, I came across a tool QTSaver,

I actually contacted the owner of the Blog and the inventor of the tool and found out that this tool already exist for a few years now, he let me use this and I must say that I really enjoy it and think that there is a lot in it.

As it seems, micro content aggregation tools are great for people who are doing research a specific subject, IMO, they do not serve the user who wishes to buy a specific widget and is looking for a good place to do it, for this the regular

SERP or even better, a shopping engine will be a much better research job. Both way of searching, or actually I should say displaying results serve a specific need, I guess that it is up to the tools providers to educate the right audience what is the best tool for them.

Your feedback and comments will shape the future development.



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