July 30, 2003

Qualys Announces Quidscor Correlating Vulnerability Data with IDS

Reduces Snort IDS False Positives Up to 70%.

Black Hat, Las Vegas, NV - July 30, 2003 - Qualys(tm), Inc., the market
leader of
on-demand security audits and vulnerability management, today released
Quidscor as Open Source. Quidscor is a correlation engine that merges
Qualys vulnerability data with Snort IDS events to reduce IDS false
positives up to 70 percent. This correlation prioritizes the events that
need investigation, reducing the overall cost and complexity of handling IDS

"Quidscor has improved the value of our Snort IDS by reducing the amount of
time wasted catering to false positives," said Donald Wilkins, Director of
Network Services at Navicure. "We can now reduce the costs of handling
alerts by increasing their relevance and prioritizing them to make our
company more secure. As threats continue to increase, it becomes paramount
that security products work together for a smarter defense."

"Enterprises requiring a secure network are wading through the daily flood
of information that Intrusion Detection Systems produce, often without the
time or resources to remedy," said Eric Ogren, senior analyst with the
Yankee Group. "Incorporating the intelligence gained from vulnerability
scans provides IT with the tool necessary to filter and prioritize IDS
events for the enterprise's unique environment. Network managers can save
significant time and energy while better controlling network security with
automated correlation of vulnerability assessment scans with IDS event

About Quidscor
Quidscor (Qualys IDS Correlation) is an Open Source correlation engine that
merges vulnerability data with IDS events to reduce IDS false positives up
to 70 percent. Quidscor improves the quality of IDS alerts by filtering
events for inactive services and absent vulnerabilities. The engine
processes each IDS alert, compares it to existing vulnerabilities, and
prioritizes the alerts thereby reducing the overall cost and complexity of
handling IDS alerts.

Snort users may sign up for a trial of QualysGuard to take advantage of this
correlation at www.qualys.com/quidscor. Quidscor is available for free as
part of the QualysGuard web service, download Quidscor at

About Qualys
Qualys is the market-leading Web Service Provider (WSP) offering on-demand
security audits and vulnerability management. Qualys enables large and
small organizations to manage security from an attacker's perspective and
fix real-world weaknesses before they are exploited. Qualys' web services
are used simultaneously by executives and technicians to measure security
effectiveness, enforce security policy, and comply with regulations. More
than 1,000 customers rely on Qualys, including ABN Amro, BlueCross
BlueShield, Hewlett Packard, and the Thomson Corporation. Qualys is
headquartered in Redwood Shores, California, with global offices in France,
Germany and the U.K. For more information about Qualys, please visit


Qualys, the Qualys logo and QualysGuard are trademarks of Qualys, Inc. All
other products or names may be trademarks of their respective companies.

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