July 28, 2003

QuantaGold Version 3.6 Available

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - 25 June 2003 -- theKompany.com is pleased to
announce the release of Quanta Gold Version 3.6, web development tool for
Linux, Windows and Mac OS X

Quanta Gold is
our web development software for Linux and Windows. Quanta Gold is designed
for the professional web developer that needs sophisticated project
management abilities as well as all the features and hooks that a modern
web site needs. This new release adds a number of features and
enhancements, specifically to the text editor component. Quanta Gold
supports a wide variety of syntax, such as:

and of course HTML.
Preview capability on Linux is available using Qt3, Mozilla, Konqueror and
Netscape. For MS Windows and OS X we use Internet Explorer.

Quanta Gold has integrated FTP and CVS support in addition to all the other
advanced features that are available such as CSS, table and javascript
wizards. This new release has further enhancements to our custom FTP
transport for increased speed and reliability as well as enhancements to
the CSS editor, and the text editor for features such as "find in files".

By purchasing QuantaGold you are getting the source for the application and
free electronic updates to the application. Currently available for Linux
and Windows, and Mac OS. You get all supported platforms for one price
regardless of when they are released. QuantaGold is priced at $49.95 for
the physical package and $39.95 for the electronic package.

QuantaGold can be purchased or demos downloaded from

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