January 14, 2005

Quasar Accounting released in Open Source

Philip Tonnellier writes "Monday, January 13, 2005 -
Linux Canada Inc. announces
Quasar(tm) Accounting software is now "Open
Source" available under GPL.ALBERTA, CANADA - Linux Canada Inc. proudly announces the
release of Quasar Accounting into "open source". In addition, Linux
Canada is pleased to announce the release of Version 1.4 of Quasar
Accounting, Quasar Retail and Quasar Point-of-Sale.

Quasar Accounting - Open Source Model

For some time Linux Canada Inc. has been viewing and studying
the open source code models. As strong believers and supporters of Linux and
open source the company has recognized that it is impossible for one small
development team to support business needs world wide in a closed source
environment. It is also apparent, in these changing times, that source code is
paramount to resellers and users taking a business application
seriously. In the past two years over 30,000 copies of Quasar
Accounting have been downloaded. And now, with the release of
Version 1.4, Quasar Accounting is a solid and more complete
product. The company feels the timing is right to move to open
source with the Quasar Accounting application. Linux Canada Inc.
will continue to develop Quasar Accounting and will make the source
code available for download from our source code repository for
resellers, end users and open source enthusiasts. Linux Canada Inc. has
expanded its support program options and will also make commercial Quasar
Accounting licenses available for those who require or desire such licenses.
Quasar Retail and Quasar Point-of-Sale are available with a commercial

Quasar Accounting, Quasar Retail and Quasar Point-of-Sale - Release

Version 1.4 now supports PostgreSQL, in addition to the Firebird and Sybase
databases. There are substantial new and improved functions
including new security controls, improved lookup and search
features, and the addition of several new screens and reporting
functions. The new automatic ordering function which is based on
min/max levels and/or sales history, makes creating purchase orders
very fast and easy. New day-end and cash reconciliation procedures
enhance the day-end process for our retail customers.

To download a copy of Quasar Version 1.4, consult the Linux
Canada Inc. web site at http://www.linuxcanada.com.

Linux Canada Inc. is a privately owned corporation based in
Alberta, Canada. Its mission is to provide the world with the most
powerful and affordable accounting, retail and point-of-sale

Product names mentioned herein may be trademarks and/or
registered trademarks of their respective companies. Linux is a
trademark of Linus Torvalds. QUASAR(tm) is
a trademark of Linux Canada Inc.



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