August 31, 2001

Qube to compete with QT and XFree86?

Author: JT Smith

JigSaw writes "A brand new GUI environment was released, called Qube, by Interactive Studio, which can be installed on top of DOS, Linux or any other text-based OS and it is aiming to replace QT/Embedded and even XFree for the desktop and the embedded market. First version supports DOS (can be ran under Win9x/ME as well) while a Linux version is underway and a priority for the company. The main person behind the project is Michal Stencl, who is well known in the demoscene and also for creating the SEAL GUI Environment for FreeDOS. The interview with Michal over at OSNews shades light on Qube, its design and goals while the article also features two screenshots of the (slick I must say) UI."
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