Qubes Open Source Security OS Releases Version 3.0


Finally, we’re releasing the first installable ISO for Qubes 3.0, the Release Candidate 1 (3.0-rc1)!

Compared to Qubes R2, which we released last year, Qubes OS 3.0 brings major improvements in two distinct areas:


  • It implements the new hypervisor-abstracted architecture (which we call: HAL), and introduces a load of new features: Xen 4.4, new qrexec, and brings lots of new VM templates with full Qubes integration: Debian 7 and 8, Whonix 9, and many more.

  • It also provides important modifications and improvements to our build system.


Let me spend a while discussing these build system improvements now, as these are quite important for the future of the project, I think.

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