Qubes OS 3.1 Linux Distro Introduces Salt-Based Qubes Management Infrastructure


qubes-os-3-1Joanna Rutkowska from the Qubes OS project has had the great pleasure of announcing the release of Qubes OS 3.1, along with its immediate availability for download.

Qubes OS 3.1 appears to be a normal update to the Linux kernel-based operating system, but it introduces a single major feature, the Qubes Management infrastructure, which, in fact, is a management stack based on the popular Salt management software.

“In Qubes 3.1 this management stack makes it possible to conveniently control system-wide Qubes configuration using centralized, declarative statements,” says Joanna Rutkowska in the announcement. “Declarative is a key word here: it makes creating advanced configurations significantly simpler.”

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