May 8, 2015

A Quick Introduction to LXD

With the recent release of Ubuntu 15.04, aka âVivid Vervetâ, the Ubuntu community has also unveiled an early release of LXD (pronounced âlex-deeâ), a new project aimed at revitalizing the use of LXC and LXC-based containers in the face of application container efforts such as Docker and rkt. In this post, Iâll provide a quick introduction to LXD.

To make it easier to follow along with some of the examples of using LXD, Iâve created an lxd directory in my GitHub âlearning-toolsâ repository. In that directory, youâll find a Vagrantfile that will allow you to quickly and easily spin up one or more VMs with LXD.

Read more at Scott Lowe's Blog.

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