October 25, 2005

QuickCRC for Windows and Linux

Guest writes "Responsibility Driven Software Design with CRC Cards

Placitas, NM – October 24, 2005 - Excel Software began shipping a major upgrade of QuickCRC for responsibility driven design of object-oriented software using CRC cards. CRC cards are used to discover and document classes, responsibilities, attributes and collaborations between classes. They are popular among developers using agile methods or as a front end to UML. Many books have been written about CRC cards including Object Design: Roles, Responsibilities and Collaborations by Rebecca Wirfs-Brock and Alan McKean.

Developers like responsibility driven design because it quickly yields a solid class structure for projects that can substantially reduce development cost and time to market. The core concepts are simple. The CRC card represents each class and its properties. The Scenario explores class interactions to quickly assign the class responsibilities and attributes needed to satisfy project requirements.

QuickCRC is an intuitive tool that takes minutes to learn and fully automates responsibility driven design. Cards, scenarios and external agents are usually defined by typing information into a dialog. CRC cards can also be created from nouns and verbs in a text specification. Card and scenario objects can be moved between diagrams or automatically organized based on design relationships. Designers can edit card information on-screen by dragging or renaming cards, attributes, responsibilities and collaborations. Design changes are instantly reflected throughout the model so every name and relationship reference is always accurate.

The new QuickCRC release allows designers to assign the attribute access of each card responsibility. The tool shows an attribute access graph from the card information to help designers discover, refine and eliminate unnecessary card attributes. Cards and scenarios can be linked to foreign documents like specifications, graphic images, code files or test procedures. Other new features include enhanced design verification, text and HTML reports, a new online help system and new printed manual.

QuickCRC design information can be shared between platforms and other Excel Software tools. CRC cards can be exported to the WinA&D modeling tool which supports the full UML notation, code generation, requirements management and scriptable design reports. CRC cards can be generated from source code with WinTranslator.

QuickCRC Windows 3.0 runs on Windows 95 through XP. QuickCRC Linux 2.0 has similar features and runs on all modern Linux distributions using GNOME or KDE. A single user license of QuickCRC is $295. Contact Excel Software for site license pricing or trial editions.

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