July 11, 2005

QuickServer v 1.4.5 now available

Anonymous Reader writes "QuickServer version 1.4.5, open source Java library/framework for quick creation of robust multi-client TCP server applications is now available.
To view the features added in QuickServer 1.4.5 visit www.quickserver.org, the main improvements have been in the following areas

  • ClientIdentifier implementation is now plug able and comes with 2 implementations.
  • PoolManager, QSObjectPoolMaker have been added to give users control of which ObjectPool implementation to be used when creating pools
  • Added a GUI Client for ChatServer.
  • Socket Timeout setting now will have to be set in milliseconds, default timeout is 1 minute.
  • And lot of improvement in implementation and bug fixes.

Download this release from: www.quickserver.org/download.html
Also based on the feedback from one of the users, QuickStart guide is also made available at http://www.quickserver.org/docs/quickstart/index.h tml"

Link: QuickServer.org

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