October 9, 2002

Quik announces release of Ace Operator

Robin McElroy writes: "QUIK Computing is pleased to announce the first public release of its flagship product - Ace Operator. Ace Operator is an instant messaging call center solution that can be accessed from web pages. Using Ace Operator, online service providers can easily add a "live help" button to any or all of their web pages. By simply clicking on the "live help" button, online customers can get access to company representatives and exchange information in real-time. Ace Operator is ideal for online entities such as online stores that need to provide interactive help to their customers. It is also suitable for customer support centers and online training centers."

Ace Operator works like a conventional telephone-based call center solution. Instead of using the phone system and voice for communication between company representatives and customers, Ace Operator uses the Internet and instant messaging. It supports all the standard features of an operator services system including call queuing, skills-based grouping and routing, call transfers and conferencing. It has several advantages over a conventional call-center solution, namely:

The system can be operational at a fraction of the cost of conventional call centers.
The system allows company representatives to connect to the system from anywhere - from home, from another state and even from another country.
In addition to exchanging real-time messages, company representatives can push informational web pages, pictures and other media to customers. Representatives can even send predefined forms to customers that the customer can fill in and return online.
For more information on the product features, visit: http://www.quik-j.com.

The product can be installed within minutes using an easy-to-use graphical installer that is suitable for users with very little knowledge of computers. The package bundles all the necessary software components required to run the service and comes with a comprehensive user manual. The product is currently supported on systems running Linux, Windows and Solaris.

"Ace Operator is not the only product that is available in this arena. However, Ace Operator is the only product that can get a business up and running with a feature-rich call center solution at such an inexpensive price," said Steve Lawrence, Product Manager for QUIK Computing. The software can run on an inexpensive computer and requires a relatively low bandwidth Internet connection. It can even be set up to run from homes having a simple broadband connection like xDSL or cable modem. "QUIK Computing is also the only company that provides customization of the Ace Operator product to suit a company's specific needs because no two call centers have the same requirements. We will even license the source code for Ace Operator if necessary," said Steve Lawrence.

A FREE version of the software can be downloaded from the QUIK Computing web site. It allows up to 2 company representatives to chat with online customers simultaneously. For sites requiring additional representatives, additional licenses can be purchased from the QUIK Computing web site. Pricing information is available from the web site. The current downloadable version is a beta version. It runs reliably but has a few minor bugs that are being corrected. It is expected to become production quality software by October 15, 2002.

About QUIK Computing:
QUIK Computing is a tightly knit group of software developers with extensive experience working for leading software companies. Every QUIK Computing developer is an independent thinker with expertise in multiple disciplines and a passion for software development. Our developers collaborate on every project to create a blueprint for the solution and implement it using state-of-the-art development and testing tools.

Contact Information:
URL: http://www.quik-j.com
E-mail: info@quik-j.com, sales@quik-j.com"

Link: http://www.quik-j.com

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