February 22, 2003

QUIK Computing announces release of Ace Operator v 1.0b

QUIK Computing is pleased to announce the release of Ace Operator version 1.1.0b. Ace Operator is an instant messaging call center solution that can be accessed from web pages.

Using Ace Operator, online service providers can easily add a "live help" button to any or all of their web pages. By simply clicking on the "live help" button, online customers can get access to company representatives and exchange information in real-time. Ace Operator is designed for online entities such as online stores that need to provide interactive help to their customers. It is ideal for customer support centers and online training centers. Ace Operator runs on any Java-enabled computer and is supported on Linux and Windows operating systems. For more information on the product, please visit http://www.quik-computing.com.

In this release of the software, a number of important features have been added including a post installation wizard, white board, e-mail capability, support for English, French, German and Spanish languages, offline messaging, etc. "Release 1.1.0b is a landmark release. The new version is easier to install and configure, is more user friendly and has many exciting features. Ace Operator, by far, provides the best value in its class." said Steve Lawrence, Product Manager, QUIK Computing. This release is a beta release. Although the software is found to be stable during system test, there may be minor software bugs that may be discovered while running the software in a real-life environment. The stable release containing fixes for any bugs found will be available by the end of March, 2003.

As always, the Ace Operator download is available for free.

About QUIK Computing:
QUIK Computing is a tightly knit group of software developers with extensive experience working for leading software companies. Every QUIK Computing developer is an independent thinker with expertise in multiple disciplines and a passion for software development. Our developers collaborate on every project to create a blueprint for the solution and implement it using state-of-the-art development and testing tools.

Contact Information:
URL: http://www.quik-computing.com
E-mail: info@quik-j.com, sales@quik-j.com"

Link: http://www.quik-computing.com

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