November 6, 2001

RackSaver builds first Intel Pentium 4 1U server - unable to verify

Author: JT Smith

November 2001 -- RackSaver has combined all the speed and stability of Intelâs 2Ghz+ Pentium 4 processor with the space-efficient, versatile RS-1100 chassis in another breakthrough solution for cluster computing.
Intelâs Pentium 4 is well known for its capabilities. But RackSaver has taken the P-4 to a new level of density and performance in the RS-1100 server. Available in custom or turnkey packages, the 19-inch rack-mounted high-density server utilizes Rambus memory and can use up to three hard drives, even with CD-ROM or floppy variations. The RS-1100âs density allows up to 44 P-4 2GHz+ processors to be stacked in a standard seven-foot cabinet. Each unit employs the highest quality fans and a super-efficient cooling system that offers high reliability. Exhaust ports can be designed to fit your situation.

The RS-1100 has a 64-bit/66MHz expansion slot and is ready for high-speed interconnects such as Dolphin SCI, or Myricom Myrinet. It can be configured for almost any application.

In the past, constructing a supercomputer was cost prohibitive for most users. When cluster solutions emerged, the technology became available to a wider market. But RackSaver has brought the cost down even lower and extended usable life. Because the RS-1100 is scalable, you can never outgrow your system. It can be expanded one component at a time as your needs change and grow. The RS-1100 uses standard components, allowing RackSaver to keep prices low. Log on to to get a quote for your specific application.

The RS-1100 can also be configured with AMD or other Intel processors, as well.

San Diego, California,-based RackSaver is a leading provider of low-cost, high-density servers and clusters. The firmâs products are popular in the Beowulf and ISP/ASP communities. RackSaver is a Dolphin Partner, a Myricom Partner, AMD and Intel Partners, as well as a Linux House, an IBM Partner, a Compaq Partner, a Hewlett Packard Partner, and a 3COM Networking Partner. Contact: (858) 874-3800

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