November 6, 2001

RackSaver introduces first Intel dual Xeon 1U server

Author: JT Smith

Paul Mecucci writes: "There's a first time for everything. But every once in a while, a breakthrough comes along that promises to change the way the game is played. RackSaver has achieved such a milestone with the first Intel Dual Xeon 1U server, a major breakthrough for density and performance that promises a lasting effect on cluster solutions. RackSaver?s RS-1100 is the chassis for this new 1U dual Xeon server. The 19-inch rack-mounted high-density server utilizes Rambus memory and can use up to two hard drives, even with CD-ROM or floppy variations. The RS-1100?s density allows up to 88 of the 1.7Ghz+ Xeon processors to be stacked in a standard seven foot cabinet. Each unit employs the highest quality fans and a super-efficient cooling system that offers high reliability. Exhaust ports can be designed to fit your situation.

The RS-1100 has a 64-bit/66MHz expansion slot and is ready for high-speed interconnects such as Dolphin SCI, or Myricom Myrinet.

When Intel released the Xeon processor in May 2001, it predicted users would see their processing power increase from 30 percent to 80 percent, depending on the application. That?s great news for those who use clustering to process large amounts of data and solve complex problems.

Because the RS-1100 uses standard components, RackSaver can keep prices low. Log on to to get a quote for your specific application.

San Diego, California,-based RackSaver is a leading provider of low-cost, high-density servers and clusters. The firm?s products are popular in the Beowulf and ISP/ASP communities. RackSaver is a
Dolphin Partner, a Myricom Partner, AMD and Intel Partners, as well as a Linux House, an IBM Partner, a Compaq Partner, a Hewlett Packard Partner, and a 3COM Networking Partner.

Contact: Paul Mecucci (858) 874-3800,"

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