November 6, 2001

RackSaver's RS-1200: up to eight times the capacity

Author: JT Smith

Paul Mecucci writes: "November 2001 -- It might be hard to imagine increasing your computing
power and capability by up to eight times without also
having to knock down a few walls to add square footage
to your server room. But you don't have to imagine it
RackSaver has created the ultra-thin RS-1200, the
first server chassis to house two complete dual CPU
systems. That?s two nodes per 1U. Stack 40 of these
units in a standard 7-foot cabinet and you?ve got
160 Intel Pentium III 1GHz+ processors or 80 AMD
Athlon 1.2GHz+ processors in just six square-feet
of floor space, with room left over for networking
equipment and PDUs. RS-1200 can also be configured
with the dual AMD Athlon MP and the Intel Pentium 4.

Density is a hallmark of the RS-1200 and an
absolute must for cluster computing. Each unit can
use up to two hard drives, even with CD-ROM or floppy
variations. The RS-1200 can use both single and dual
processor-based motherboards. Choose your networking
capabilities from Myricom Myrinet, Giganet, GigE
Copper and Fiber, or fast Ethernet. Each 1U is capable
of handling up to 8 GB of RAM. Software options
include Redhat 6.2, 7.0 or 7.1, Suse Debia Mandrake,
Scyld Beowulf, or Dolphin Scali. All are preconfigured
before installation, and turnkey packages are

Each unit employs the highest quality fans and a
super-efficient cooling system that offers high

Because the RS-1200 uses standard components,
RackSaver can keep prices low. Log on to to get a quote for your specific

San Diego, California,-based RackSaver is a leading
provider of low-cost, high-density servers and
clusters. The firm?s products are popular in the
Beowulf and ISP/ASP communities. RackSaver is a
Dolphin Partner, a Myricom Partner, AMD and Intel
Partners, as well as a Linux House, an IBM Partner, a
Compaq Partner, a Hewlett Packard Partner, and a 3COM
Networking Partner. Contact(858) 874-3800"

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