RAD system for internet application development

Anonymous Reader writes “Molimo is an open source software system for the easy, rapid development of complex, transaction-based large internet applications using the J2EE platform. Molimo consists of a set of highly configurable server side components that are easily assembled to your web application.

As Molimo is based on the J2EE standard, you may integrate these powerful components in your existing system, e.g. in your CMS – or build a powerful new RIA from scratch using solely the molimo system.

With Molimo, internet development is divided in three easy steps (each using a XML based description language – therefore in a lot of cases no extra code is needed):

– First you define your database objects in a object-relational database layer
– Then you define actions that a user could call on these objects
– Finally you put all together in a web view using our open source web portal software

There’s also a video presentation online at our homepage about the whole process.”

Link: Molimo


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