June 12, 2008

RadRails Views

Author: JT Smith

When developing a Rails project, there are more things to do than the source code itself. We have to start, stop, and monitor our servers, generate code templates, run our test suites, install plug-ins and gems, generate documentation, keep control of to-do items, or run Rake tasks for different purposesââ¬âdatabase migrations, for example. RadRails provides different Views for supporting these tasks that are a part of the development but not of the coding itself. And, of course, it does it so we can control everything from within the IDE without having to go back to the command-line interface. In this article by Javier Ramírez, we will see how to open a View. We will also look at the Documentation Views and the Servers View, which are available as part of the Rails default perspective, that is, you don't need to do anything special to open them.

Link: packtpub.com


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