December 2, 2003

Rapid Development Using Python

SkipWare is a series of extensions to standard Internet transport protocols that, when installed on a network device, maximizes link utilization and
reliability in a stressed transmission environment. It has been developed collaboratively between GST and Comtech; GST provides the software and
Comtech provides the hardware. Although SkipWare is an implementation of SCPS (space communication protocol standards), a graphical user interface is
required to specify configuration settings that impact overall system performance. Given that the product forwards IP (Internet) traffic, a Web-based
client was the most feasible interface for our customers.

Because the interface requirements were soft and time was short, we approached the interface with a rapid development mentality focused on constant
customer feedback. A language decision had to be made, and we had the following choices (primarily due to our experience): C, PHP, Perl, Java and
Python. Our selection was based upon the following criteria:


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