May 23, 2006

Rapid Transform Announces Open Source PLM Solution

Guest writes "Rapid Transform, Inc. is leading the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) industry into a new era for software. With the goal of making a world class PLM solution accessible to companies of all sizes, the company recently announced the preview availability of Convelo, an enterprise open source PLM solution.

Convelo provides the essential elements for managing modern product innovation, design, development, and maintenance. In addition to traditional Product Data Management (PDM) functionality - item/part identification, product definition, product structure, specification definition, and document management - the core platform provides additional modules to streamline and manage product information and processes.

“Traditionally, PLM applications have primarily been deployed at large corporations with extremely complex processes, an abundance of product information and big budgets”, says Steven Werner, founder of Rapid Transform, Inc. “Small and medium size businesses have process and product complexity that could greatly benefit from PLM, but most face a cost barrier when exploring a PLM implementation.”

Rapid Transform is determined to solve this problem by lowering costs and easing PLM customization and deployment with its open source alternative. Small and medium businesses can gain a significant competitive advantage by leveraging the Convelo PLM solution to decrease product development costs, increase quality and reduce delivery time.

Built on the latest open source technologies, the solution can be deployed in virtually any environment with the confidence of high reliability and performance. As a revolutionary solution in the PLM market, Convelo leverages current industry best practices and standards, such as ISO 10303 - STandard for the Exchange of Product data (STEP), to provide the most comprehensive, cost effective solution available on the market today.

Convelo is currently available as a beta release with plans for a major release later this year.

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